Beautify All Your Home’s Wood Features

Louisville House Wash will put some life back into that old deck, and
give you back the pleasure in your outdoor space.

Protect Your Investment

Louisville Housewash is the choice to make when you need your deck or fence cleaned.

Your decking and fencing is a major investment made in your home. Keeping those features in top condition adds much to your curb appeal and property value.

Get Up-to-Date Processes

Using soft washing techniques plus our quality specialized cleaning solutions, we will safely and gently deep clean your deck, fence, or other wooden structure.

NO high pressure water force is used so we prevent damage to the wood fibers and surface,

Our care keeps your deck clean AND helps prolong it’s life!

We Handle All Needs

In addition, we clean furniture and composite decking with gentle care.

Does your deck also need repairs, sealing, or stain?

From minor repairs to deck surfaces and spindle replacement, LHW does it!

Click to see LHW in action.

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