Annual Events Found In Louisville, KY

For Kentucky’s biggest city to lack interesting and equally engaging events and festivals, there definitely has to be something wrong. Luckily, that is not the case in Louisville. Regardless of the time of the year that you may pay this gem a visit, you certainly cannot lack something big going down. All year through, you are bound to have some fun times; all thanks to the diverse and ever-involving events and festivals. The list on the festivals and events taking place in the Louisville area all year long is endless. However, we have prepared a quite interesting list of some of the best events and annual festivals in the grandest city in Kentucky.

  1. The Kentucky Derby Festival

One of the biggest annual events going down in Louisville, KY, The Kentucky Derby Festival is all about fun and having a good time. Having been present for decades, this nothing short of vibrant event goes a long way to bringing tens of thousands together, all for unity’s sake.

  1. It’s some Bourbon Affair

What makes Louisville, KY that famous? Some may ask. Well, other than being host to one of America’s biggest horse-racing event; the Kentucky Derby, Louisville is known for its whisky. Precisely bourbon. The Bourbon Classic. Live and vibrant with each new year, the Bourbon Classic annual event always seems to get bigger and better. While here, dance the night away and have mad fun like never before with a glass of some amazing Bourbon whisky in your hand. Feel free to have a taste of some mouth-watering stakes from top and renowned chefs from and outside of Louisville.

  1. Mellow Melodies

Some slow music beats have a way of piercing straight through our souls and that is exactly what the Garvin Gates Blues Festival does. Grand and beautiful, the Garvin Gates Blues Festival goes a long way to bringing locals and foreigners together as they get entertained by some of the biggest blues bands in and out of the city of Louisville. Other than the mellow melodies, get to enjoy some delicious delicacies and never forget to go Bourbon!

  1. Light Under Louisville

For what was once a limestone mine, the Louis Mega Cavern is home to an underground light show; the only one of its kind in the entire planet. The Mega Cavern boasts a zip line, bike parks and is a host to a myriad of events all year out. One notable annual event is Lights Under Louisville. With every Christmas season, over 3 million lights in different shapes and sizes are put up making The Mega Cavern livelier than ever! Did you know that due to the support structures in The Mega Cavern, it was classified as a building making it the biggest building in the entire Louisville?


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