Interesting Things To Do In Louisville, KY

If you are lucky enough to visit the Louisville, Kentucky area, you are guaranteed a myriad of fun, things to do, and soul-revivifying activities that one can immerse him/herself can never go unnoticed. Every single visit to Kentucky’s biggest city will wow you in a manner so tender and pure. Here, life is ever vibrant; never a boring day. For some amazing and involving activities that will leave you falling deeper in love with Louisville, we have prepared a list of some fantastic things to do and places to visit. Have a peek!

  1. The Kentucky Kingdom;

Grand and beautiful, the Kentucky Kingdom has got almost everything that you little one could possibly love. From swings to roller coasters and water slides, the Kentucky Kingdom goes a long way to offering you and your family an amazing holistic experience when it comes to matters fun family times. Did you know that Kentucky’s Kingdom roller coaster; the storm chaser is an award-winning roller coaster? Now you’re on the know!

  1. Churchill Downs;

Whenever we hear about Louisville, one thing that certainly comes to mind is its long and renowned history of horse racing. For decades, horse racing in Louisville, KY has evolved to become a key tradition of the locals here.

Having been in existence for far beyond a century, the Churchill Downs is a must-go-to places whenever you happen to pay Louisville a visit. The Churchill Downs is famous for annually hosting the Kentucky Derby; one of the best sporting events in the history of America. Other notable races held here are the Kentucky Oaks and the Turf Classic Stakes amongst others.

  1. Cherokee Park;

Arguably one of the best-preserved natural parks in the state of Kentucky, the Cherokee Park offers a nice all-day everyday getaway for all its visitor. With winding hiking, jogging and biking trails, there is so much that you can do while here; say take your dog for walk or an amazing photo shoot with your friends and family.

  1. Tioga Falls Trail;

For yet another candid encounter and connection with nature, the Tioga Falls trail never falls short. Better yet, the trail is moderately trafficked; good news for the shy folks. For the best of scenic views, its best to visit in spring!

  1. The Frazier History Museum;

Iconic and one of the most notable landmarks in the entire city of Louisville, the Frazier History Museum offers each and every visitor a great chance and journey through history. The myriad of exhibits in the complex enrich one’s mind with diverse and interesting historical facts about Louisville and Kentucky at large.

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