History of Louisville, KY

On the banks of Ohio River, sprung up a city, one that would eventually turn out to be Kentucky’s grandest and biggest.

Founded by George Rogers Clark, just two years after the US gained her independence (1778), the city of Louisville was named after King Louis XVI in an appreciation bid for his immense contribution and assistance in the revolutionary war also known as the American War of Independence.

During the early years of its inception the city of Louisville experienced quite some slow growth. However, that was soon going to change. With the advent of the steam boat back in the early 1800’s, Louisville experienced robust and exponential growth making it Kentucky’s largest city from as early as the 1830’s.

As much as the Civil was detrimental to the American Economy, for some cities, the degree varied. During the civil war, the strategic locality of Louisville would see it boom. During these trying times, the city was a key Military supply center and a base for union operations.

Post-civil war era

The post-civil war era in Louisville was met with even more booming economic times. Again, all thanks to its strategic locality. Manufactures set up their processing plants while merchant princess toured the city. The duo shaped Louisville’s economy majorly. For even better econo0mic times, a railroad was built. The main aim of the Louisville & Nashville Railroads was to act as a supplement to water transport.

With the coming of the railroad, more companies would sprung up. Dupont, a synthetic rubber manufacturer would see the city become the world’s largest manufacturer of such during the World War II. In the early 1920’s, the then world’s largest distillery was commissioned. These are just but some of the major manufacturing plants that were set up in the city.

Louisville Today

With a population of approximately 600,000 residents and more than a dozen companies in virtually any field, the city of Louisville has grown to become a major contributor to the overall American GDP. It has grown from a town by the banks of Ohio River to a grand city; beautiful in a myriad manner of ways. The city goes further to boast some household names ever since it came to life. Some notable persons are; its founder, Former US president; Zachary Taylor, Louis D. Brandies (the first Jewish Justice) and Muhammad Ali (the world’s greatest heavyweight boxer) just to mention a few. Viva Louisville!

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